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Travel Blooper offering Meet and Greet airport Service | VIP Assistance airport Service | Fast Track Airport Service

" Meet and Greet Airport Service India "

Meet and Greet Airport Service India is a personal VIP service providing a professional greeter to accompany travelers through the airport. We will help passengers navigate through airport security, paperwork and physical challenges that are part of modern-day travel.

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Arrival Assistance

After landing at airport and exiting the aerobridge, you’ll be met by a trained representative and brought to the immigration counter in an electrical vehicle. Then you will be assisted with completing the immigration process (no fast track). Then assistance with baggage retrieval are going to be provided at the bags belt. Thereafter, our executive will escort the guest till be terminal exit gate of Airport

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Departure Assistance

After you’re dropped off at the airport, be met immediately by a trained representative at the kerbside. Assist with luggage are going to be provided. Thereafter assistance are going to be provided during the check-in process. Then the guest are going to be assisted with the immigration process (no fast track) and security check up. Thereafter, enjoy speedy transport to your gate of airport by electric vehicle.

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Transit Assistance

We can also provide assistance service for international flight arrival and catching a domestic flight from the same or different terminals at airport (transport charges also apply). Service possible in reverse order also i.e. domestic flight arrival and catching an international flight from airport.


" Service for different Needs "

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Business travelers know that, we help them save time and make the most of their short trips. We provide a local personal assistant to whisk them through every onerous process in the airport, using fast track lanes and lounge access to relax where it’s available.

Fast Track Airport Service


Travel can be hectic if you are not used to it, and new destinations and language barriers can make the airport experience stressful. We provide multilingual agents assistant to help you with check-in, security, and immigration, provide a buggy car or a porter.


Our customers want to enjoy a Hassle-free VIP experience as they travel with their families. Local agents will ensure you experience the ultimate VIP treatment so you start, continue, or end your journey in style whether you are on honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary or enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Travel Blooper offering Meet and Greet airport Service | VIP Assistance airport Service | Fast Track Airport Service
" Quick | Fast | Easy | Smooth "

India has a number of the busiest airports within the world. Booking a Meet and Assist Service will make passing through the airport fast and straightforward . our local greeters help bypass the lines and bring a fast arrival, a smooth departure, or a successful connection.

Meet and Greet airport Assistance service in Indian Airports adds a primary class feel, usually reserved for VIPs and celebrities. it’ll include an airside greeting at the airbridge, and fast-tracking help through border controls. Our reservation team & booking system will assist you book the precise service you would like .

" frequently asked questions "

An airport VIP meet and Greet Service ( also known as Fasttrack service, VIP airport assistance ) ensures you are expected, welcomed, escorted and assisted from start to end, between the aircraft gate and your car door. It is a seamless, stylish and effortless arrival, connection or departure for important travelers. It will usually include Fast-Tracking & priority handling at various stages of your passing through the airport.

VIP Arrival Meet and Greet Service : you will be met near the air-bridge; escorted to and through quarantine, visa on arrival, security and immigration. Fast Track airport assistance will help collect your bags, escort you through customs checks and take you direct to your driver or car.

VIP Departure Meet and Greet Services : you will be met at the entrance of the terminal building; and then escorted to and assisted through security, check in, customs and immigration. Finally you will be taken to your airline or a member lounge, or direct to the flight’s boarding gate.

VIP Transit Meet and Greet Service : you will be met near the air-bridge, escorted to and through any visa, quarantine, transit, security, immigration, baggage, check in, or customs. Finally you will be taken to your airline or a member lounge or to the flight’s boarding gate.

It is a start to end escorted service, always performed in the restricted airside CIQ (the Customs, Immigration & Quarantine) area of an Airport. The services typically include:

  • being met at the aircraft gate or the kerbside
  • being assisted quickly at immigration, visa on arrival, quarantine, and security
  • having an escort through customs, during check in and to the boarding gate
  • getting help transferring between gates, desks and lounges for connections
  • having a personal assistant all the way between the airplane and a car.

This depends whether you are arriving or departing from the airport:

For arrivals the representative will be waiting for you at or near the end of the air-bridge or air corridor (i.e. somewhere between airplane door and the terminal building). Alternatively – if the airline has parked at a remote location and a tarmac bus is used to transfer you from the plane to the terminal – they will wait with a sign at the entrance to the terminal building where the tarmac bus drops you off.

The representative will be holding a sign with the “lead passenger” name, (or pseudonym, code name, organization or any other identification that has been requested in advance).

For departures the representative will be waiting for you:

  • at “kerbside” (meaning at the drop-off zone at the departure terminal level), or
  • at a special counter or booth just inside the terminal, or
  • in front of the airline’s check in desk.

Where you will be met is described in your booking confirmation. The representative will be there a few minutes before your scheduled arrival time and will wait for you for up to 45 minutes form the booked meeting time. If you have not arrived within 45 minutes of the booked time, they will try to call you or your driver (if you have provided them a local hand phone number when you booked.) So, it is important that, for a departure service, if you know that you are going to be a little early or late (e.g. because of traffic) then you or your driver should contact the representative so they can adjust the meeting time.

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